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Thank you for your purchase. As soon as you receive this email you will have to log in into your account and change your password.

  1. Log in into your administration panel using 'admin' as user name and 'change_me' as password.
  2. Change your password! All accounts have the same password by default. Anybody can login into your account and delete stuff. Therefore, change the password immediately!
  3. Change the 'Your Name' logo picture to reflect your name (details)
  4. Choose a skin (theme) for your site (only for VIP customers).
  5. Start editing your web site (delete or edit template pages, add new pages).

How to log in into your administration panel?


Enter your web site address followed by 'admin.php'. For example:



How to change administrator password?


Log in into your administration panel. Click the 'Tools->Settings' menu at the top of the page. Enter a new password into the 'Password' field. Write the password on a piece of paper.



Don't lose the password


We reset the password ONLY if you opted to purchase support when you placed your order.