Price list







One year free package

Price: free (for the first year). Email us to get you account now!



Basic package

  • Web site
  • Subdomain
  • FTP access
  • Ten templates to choose from
  • Limited support (one requests per month)

Price: $10.9/month. Place your order now.



VIP package

  • Web hosting
  • Personal domain
  • Personal email
  • FTP access
  • Ten templates to choose from
  • Support (tree customization requests per month)
  • SEO guidance
  • Easy migration - We can migrate your data from your employer web site. If you don't have yet a web site you can deliver your content in a Word document. We will use this document to build your new web site (we create the menu, the pages, upload your images, format the text, etc).

Price: $149 setup fee + $19.9/month. Place your order now.




How to order


Please click on the appropriate 'Place your order now' links above. We will setup your account and send you the login details as soon as the order has been placed.

We accept all currencies and method of payments (credit card, wire transfer, purchase orders*, PayPal, etc). The minimum payment we accept is $45. PO is accepted only for orders over $200.






Customizable web site


Our offer is fully customizable package so you won't get overcharged for things that you don't need. Please choose the options you want from the tables below:


Standard package
One time setup fee Monthly fee Details
Easy to use web site editor 0 0 WYSIWYG
Website hosting 15 6  
Email address 40 6 Example:
Slash domain 0 0 Example:
Subdomain name 25 2 Example:
Forum (shared*) 160 10 You can also have a personal forum
FTP access 15 3  
Personal domain name - - See table below


VIP package
One time setup fee Details
Personal domain name 70 Example:
Personal forum 350  
Personal email address 30


Full custom solution negotiable Contact us if you want to build your site from zero

Monthly fee applies. All prices are in US dollars.



Let us build your web site

If you want you can send your content in a single Word document and we will use it to build your web site. Details.


Placing your custom order

To place your order just send us an email in which please specify:

  • Which features you want to buy
  • Your domain name (this will define which will be your web site address)

We will send you the link to a web page where you can place your order.






Conditions and agreements

  • Web space
    We offer 250MB of web space to host your web pages (documents, images, etc). You can double this amount for $29/year. You can also purchase FTP access to your web space.
  • Email
    We offer 350MB for email. You can purchase additional space if you want.
  • Easy to use web site editor
    This editor offers basic formatting functions (font, font size, font color, bullets, paragraphs, links, bold, italic, etc). Click here to see how the editor looks like.
  • Forum
    For non-VIP customers the forum will be shared with other customers (but each customer will have its own well defined section). The VIP users can have their own forum.
  • Data type
    This site is for scientists only. You can only post data with character scientific. Personal data (music, family albums, etc) cannot be stored here in large amounts
  • A 7% fee applies if you choose to pay monthly instead of one installment
  • Backups
    You are responsible to keep a backup of the data you post online on your local computer.

See full hosting detail and ToS here.