•  We don't delete your web site if no payment is sent upon your subscription expiration date. However, the access to your account will be suspended. If you want to end your account, delete your information before your subscription expires.
  • You will have to pay the setup see again if you don't renew your subscription before it expires. You will have to pay also for the period on which your web site was online without subscription.
  • In case a software update for the web site builder/editor is available, we can install it at your request, for a fee.
  • If you choose to have a forum, you must regularly maintain it. This means that at least once per week you will have to delete spam, to moderate the discussions, censor words and inappropriate content, etc. If you don't maintain the forum the performance may degrade. In this case we will have to purge the forum.
  • We try to backup all web sites every 2 months but we assume no responsibility for your data. You are solely responsible to backup your data.